Sing along with sports

There is something about sports that makes it a perfect ying to music’s yang. Whether it’s the poetry in motion almost begging to have a background guitar chord shatter the rim along with a basketball player or throttle a running back alongside a linebacker or how the exact mixture of violin strings can mesh with a hockey player weaving through traffic. No matter what the taste in music, there’s just something about the two that make pure perfection.

Music was meant for sport, and sport was meant for music. We release ourselves in both. In both we use every bit of emotion we have at an attempt of perfection.
There’s a reason there are at least four athletes with headphones doing the pregame stare into space before any athletic event.  The music is motivation.

Even though AC/DC is one of the most overrated bands of all time, seeming to do nothing but yell some horrible rock cliché or a weather forecast, “Thunderstruck” can’t be listened to without wanting to knock the snot out of someone on a football field.

With fall sports upon us, here are some songs outside of the regular “Hero” by Foo Fighters to get jacked to. If any high schooler dares to call me old due to not knowing these, I may snap. You’re the ones allowing Justin Bieber to have a career, so back off. I’ll take responsibility for allowing Limp Bizkit to make money, but you should be ashamed of yourselves for Bieber.

“On to the Next One” by Jay-Z, “Summer Overture” by  Clint Mansell, “First Breath After A Coma” by Explosions in the Sky, “Everyday” by Carly Commando,  “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica, “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine, “Til I Collapse” by Eminem and “List of Demands” by Saul Williams, “So Whatcha Want” by the Beastie Boys and “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin do the trick. Enjoy.