Josh Hamilton cracked corn and I don’t care

So Texas Rangers centerfielder Josh Hamilton had three to four beers recently and relapsed, since last relapsing in 2009, after being sober since 2005, after the former No. 1 pick was forced to miss the entire 2003, 2004 and 2005 seasons because of suspensions for drug and alcohol use in the Tampa Bay organization.

Get all that?

The real question is why do we care?

If you’re in the Rangers organization, it’s a tad irritating that you’ve spent money on babysitters to keep this guy focused and he brings this news. Then again, considering Hamilton is a free agent after this season, people in the Rangers organization could hold this over his head as to why they won’t give him the contract he wants.

Regardless, outside of the Rangers organization and the Tampa Bay organization — who should never forgive Hamilton — the only reason the sports world cares about this relapse is because we put too much focus on the bad guys who go good for a brief stint, rather than the good guys who have always been good (see Jim Thome).

Everyone loves the feel-good story about someone climbing back to the top from the bottom, but at the same time, why do we, as sports fans, give these guys more credit than the guys who’ve never done anything wrong?

Why do we hate guys like Jay Cutler because they seem like jerks, but cheer for guys like Michael Vick or Hamilton because they did terrible things and are trying to make up for their actions after getting in trouble for them?

Would they have stopped if they hadn’t been caught?

What did Hamilton and Vick really do to earn back our trust as sports fans? They performed well at the job they weren’t able to do thanks to their negative actions.

Let Hamilton have a couple beers if he wants to. Don’t get angry because you and the media put him on a pedestal.

Talk to me when he’s not doing his job or doing something morally wrong because of those couple of beers.

3 thoughts on “Josh Hamilton cracked corn and I don’t care

  1. I hate to see anyone who struggles with addiction fall off the wagon, so I do care about the Hamilton story…just like I would care about a personal friend falling off the wagon. But I would focus my attention on if Hamilton is getting the help he needs and not worry about how this affects the Rangers organization. They should be upset, but they should put the health of their player first.

    We also like to see people perservere over their personal demons. They are, as you aptly put, feel good stories. That said, I wholeheartedly agree that we don’t give enough credit to the guys that are always good. The Walter Payton “Man of the Year” is announced on the ESPN crawl while the latest player to “clean up his act” gets 20 minutes of praise. Continuously good guys don’t make great stories (with the exception of Tebow), but they should get more credit for meeting expectations from the start.

    Good blog.

    • I just don’t really consider having a couple beers falling off the wagon. It didn’t hurt himself or anyone, as far as we know, so what’s the problem?

      I like seeing people get by their own demons just like any other person, but I don’t like that we completely ignore their past and sweep things under the rug and that we dislike athletes who have done nothing wrong.

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