Rude awakening to the fall sports season

After months of uncertainty as to whether the NFL would even have a season this year, it feels that football season has arrived almost as a complete surprise.

At least that’s how I felt on Friday, Aug. 19, when theIowahigh school football schedule got underway.

Many of us here in the Daily Globe sports department noted how it felt kind of early for Friday night football to have already arrived with the warm, lazy atmosphere of summer still in the air.

Seeing as it was only just past the mid-point of August, it was indeed early to have area high school football teams opening their competitive schedules.

As you can imagine, without any high school sports to cover, the summer is usually a change of pace for the sports department.

On Aug. 19 we deployed our entire staff for the first time since the spring, with myself, Aaron Hagen, Les Knutson, Lance Knutson and Lucas Knutson all heading to Iowa for some football.

It was quite the awakening.

First of all, having not had to travel far for an event all summer, I had to find my way to Sibley for the first time in my life.

Getting to Sibley is about as easy of a trip as you can make from Worthington under normal circumstances, but the detour on highway 60 played havoc to both myself and Lucas, neither of whom had ever taken it before.

I left the office with plenty of time to spare before opening kickoff in the rivalry game between Sibley-Ocheyedan and Sheldon, but when I hit the barricade south of town on highway 60 I didn’t immediately know which way to turn.

Unbeknownst to me, I turned straight west, but luckily I proceeded only a couple of miles before realizing my mistake.

I surprised colleagues Joe Froeming and Ana Anthony by showing up back at the office, where I realized what I had done.

You see, there really aren’t any clear signs for the detour once you have already reached the barricade itself, so little did I know that the detour was actually quite a ways north of where I was looking for it.

On my second try I found the detour and finally got all the way to the football field in Sibley. I was little late, but hurried to the sidelines and started snapping pictures.

When I tried to look back at the pictures I had already taken, however, I realized that the battery I had brought to the game was dead.

With digital SLR cameras you can’t just go to a gas station and pick up some replacement batteries.

The last time I accidentally brought a dead battery to a game was during a basketball game in Luverne, and luckily the Rock County Star Herald’s John Rittenhouse and Edgerton parent Sandy Gunnink helped me out and donated a couple of pictures.

However, in this case I had Lucas on hand to write the game story, so I decided I had time to go all the way back to Worthington and bring back a fully charged battery, which I did (I ended up bringing  four of them, just in case).

Everything ended up working out fine, but the whole experience was definitely a strong slap in the face to get me back on top of my game with the fall sports schedule reaching full speed this week.

It was another jolt to be at a volleyball game for the first time in almost 10 months on Friday when the Trojans hostedFulda, but luckily on that occasion things went much smoother.

I can only hope for the same when I attend my first soccer game and cross country meet later this week.