Rambis is out with Wolves

Kurt Rambis was officially fired on Tuesday.
After months of speculation, Minnesota Timberwolves president of basketball operations David Kahn finally cut the ties.
Let’s be honest. Rambis wasn’t exactly taking the team in the right direction.
The Wolves were 32-132 under Rambis, and a dismal 17-65 last season.

Before the season started, I went on record and said the Wolves would be better this season.
I was sort of right. They improved from 15 wins to 17 wins.
But I was also terribly wrong. Outside of Kevin Love’s incredible double-double streak, there wasn’t much good about the team last season.

Yahoo! Sports reported June 22 that Rambis was already out.
This was before the draft.
This was also before Kahn made any sort of official announcement.
A lot has happened since then.

Ricky Rubio was officially announced days before, and Minnesota grabbed Arizona star Derrick Williams with the second overall pick.
In other words, the Wolves finally have their point guard of the future.

Williams is a little trickier.
He isn’t a true post player. But he does have size and is very athletic.

Sure, Michael Beasley was recently in the news for  a less-than-stellar reason, but a starting lineup that features Love, Rubio and Williams has to be better.
The answer isn’t so clear anymore.
Rambis was given a roster filled with unproven players.

There were a few veteran guys, like Luke Ridnour, but the youth and inexperience far outweighed the veteran presence.
Shoot, they even gave Darko Milicic a chance.
No one since the Pistons gave him a chance.

Detroit drafted him No. 2 behind LeBron James and ahead of players like Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.
Now, he’s with the Wolves, hoping to rejuvenate his career.
But he won’t do it under Rambis.
I’m confident Rambis will catch on somewhere else. He learned from one of the best in the history of the game — Phil Jackson — and will be a head coach again.
And the Timberwolves will be a good team again.
Which will happen first? My money is on Rambis, who will be on a better team. Minnesota didn’t exactly hand him a roster, so next time, my guess is Rambis won’t settle.
The two could have had potential this season, but we’ll never know.
What I find interesting is the timing.
The NBA is in the midst of a lockout that could threaten the entire season.

If Kahn was going to make a move, he should have decided weeks ago.
The incoming coach should have had the opportunity to draft players to fit the new system. The Wolves made five trades during the draft, acquiring and losing players at an astonishing rate.
So, what does this all mean?
Let’s assume there will be NBA next season. That doesn’t seems like the most probable outcome at this point, but for the sake of arguments, let’s assume there will be a full 82-game season.
The Wolves will be in yet another rebuilding year.
Would they be winners under Rambis? Maybe not.

But I think he’s earned the right to try — for at least another year. 
With two new pieces and a roster full of players who have another year of experience, Minnesota could have been on the right track.
I agree, there should have been a change made. But the wrong guy was let go.