Brett Favre was a bargain

It’s no secret that there has been little to celebrate in Minnesota this past year in the state’s four biggest professional sports.
With neither the Vikings, Timberwolves, Wild or Twins spending much time winning in their most recent seasons, it’s been a tough year for sports fans around the state.
In the world of sports media, reporting on loss after embarrassing loss can get tiring very quickly, and there’s only so much pondering one can do over the reasons why each of the teams have been performing so poorly.
In this context, Brett Favre and his headline-making ability was a godsend.
Though you may be quick to point out that Favre’s on-field performance as the Vikings’ quarterback was far below what you would expect based on the salary he made this past season (a figure close to $20 million), there can be no argument that he was excellent at commanding media attention.
In a season where any distraction from the Vikings’ 6-10 record was welcome, Favre provided news that not only dominated Minnesota’s sports media, but also garnered national attention, from talk about his consecutive games played streak to his sexting scandal.
It’s highly unlikely the Vikings would have contended even without Favre, so at least in what already was a pathetic season he provided something for news outlets to write about. He may not have been worth $20 million on the field, but he was every bit worth that in front page stories.
In the wake of all the losing that Minnesota teams have been doing this year, we’ve all been forced to take pride in the little things.
For the Vikings, an example of this was Favre’s streak. For the Timberwolves it was Kevin Love’s record-setting streak of 53 consecutive double-doubles. For the Twins, this could be Thome’s chase for 600 career home runs, or even just seeing Joe Mauer make an appearance at all this season.
The Wild came the closest of any team to being relevant this season, but the team’s late-season collapse left us with very little to remember the season by — much like every other season in the franchise’s history.
After all, in a sports world where “winning is everything” (if we’re all to listen to LeBron James, that is), then if your team isn’t winning, then what’s the point of playing if you can’t be happy with the little victories?
LeBron himself said that the Timberwolves shouldn’t even exist as a franchise , but the reality is that for every sports team that has a winning season, there have to be an equal number of teams having a losing season.
Although Minnesota has become used to most of its professional teams being contenders in recent years, this year Minnesota sports fans have had to get used to the reality of following a losing team, and the ongoing Twins season is the most recent example.
There’s no telling when Minnesota’s teams will start winning again — if Christian Ponder is the answer for the Vikings, if the Twins can get their players healthy and if the Timberwolves can get back on track with Ricky Rubio deciding to finally show up — but in the meantime, everyone in Minnesota is going to have to get used to appreciating every single victory, even if it doesn’t put their team any closer to playoff contention.
The current misery surrounding Minnesota sports teams may benefit perennially overlooked teams like the Minnesota Lynx, who look to be contenders this year after a big draft with two of the top four picks and whose season will begin shortly, but if you’re still going to be a die hard follower of teams like the Twins, just be that much happier every time you see them win.