A new face at the Worthington YMCA

Spend a few minutes with Ryan Seykora, and it’s obvious where his passion lies.

Recently taking over as the Worthington Area YMCA’s Health and Fitness director, Seykora has brought excitement and experience into the position.

“I enjoy it here,” he said from inside his office at the YMCA. “I enjoy the fact that what I’m good at doing, I’m doing it on a grander scale. I have all the resources available to do it, from equipment to staff, and also I’m able to interject a lot of variety and a lot of new ideas that I’ve accumulated that haven’t been implemented down here.

“I enjoy helping people. This job, as any job, presents a lot of challenges. People have their own ideas on the way things should be done and the way to do things. But the biggest thing is to understand why I believe the things that I do and the philosophies that I have. That gives me a lot more confidence to do this job.”

So far, Seykora has enjoyed his time in Worthington.

“The best part of this job is having the social environment that I have with the members,” said Seykora, who started in late August. “Talking and hearing everything about what their dog did over the weekend to how their workouts are going.”

It’s been a long journey for Seykora to Worthington.

“I got in this industry from probably my brother, who was into personal training and the health club management side,” he said. “I was always in sports and always wanted to work out. One thing kind of led to another, simple as that.”

When it was time to choose a career path after graduating from Owatonna High School, he decided to follow his passion.

“Then I tried to find what I wanted to do for college. I ended up going into a health and fitness degree, which is basically more along the lines of personal training,” Seykora said. “I really enjoyed that and graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I got involved with personal training at Anytime Fitness, and then health club management at Snap Fitness. This is the next step.”

The new YMCA building helped lure Seykora to Worthington.

“That was the appealing aspect, was the building,” he said. “The reason I came down here was obviously for the job and the potential that is has, but also the facility. With the new facility, we have endless opportunities.”

It is his desire to help people and increase their knowledge, so Seykora will share health and fitness information with our readers. Seykora will write a regular column on the first Monday of each month.

His debut column can be found in the sports section of today’s paper.

Along with his column, Seykora is also writing an online blog, and will explain his concepts in a video each month.

“I want to open up people to a new idea of exercise, and not just the way they’ve always heard it,” he said. “I want to be able to show people all the different possibilities.”