Where did the summer go?

As I sit here staring at the blank computer screen, I can’t help but have a sense of sadness come over me.

It isn’t because I had a horrible week in Pigskin Pick ‘em (which I did).

It also isn’t because former co-worker Michael Brauer gave me a quartet of shellackings in NCAA football (which he did).

But instead, this sadness comes from the Twins.

Of course, they are on a roll. A big series with the White Sox will greatly determine how the rest of the season plays out.

I believe a sweep, or at least a series win, all but seals another American League Central crown.

This sadness comes from Target Field. While I was there in March — when it was freezing outside — to watch the first-ever game, it wasn’t the same.

That day, the Minnesota Gophers were playing baseball, not the Twins.

This year, I have attended a total of nine baseball games.

I went to four in Kansas City on two different occasions, two in Washington, D.C. and three at Wrigley Field.

All four games in KC were against the Twins, so I have seen them live.

But I haven’t seen them at Target Field.

The cold temperatures of fall are starting to creep up, meaning the baseball season is winding down.

With a full prep schedule and a pair of college football games on the horizon, I fear my chances are dwindling.

Minnesota does have 10 home games remaining — not counting the potential playoff games — so all hope is not lost.

As a pure optimist (I have to be as a Cubs fan), I know it’s just a matter of time before I sit with the sun shining down on a warm summer day, enjoying a hot dog and Twins baseball.

It might not be this year, but someday very soon, I will be another paying customer at Target Field.