McGwire admits to steroid use

Is anyone surprised?

With Mark McGwire being a person of interest for congress a few years ago, it seemed that his admission was almost a matter of time.

Now, we know the truth.

Mark McGwire, arguably one of the greatest home run hitters of this generation, was cheating.

Years ago, McGwire admitted to the use of Andro, which at the time, wasn’t illegal in Major League Baseball. Now it is.

With his pending employment as the Cardinals’ hitting coach, McGwire has finally set the record straight. But what now?

Will his place on the all-time home run list be marked with an asterisk? Will he be in the Hall of Fame? Should anyone ever linked to steroids be in the Hall?

I would argue no. Granted, baseball players haven’t always been squeaky clean. But in this current day of steroid use, I think no one who is proven to have used roids should be allowed in the Hall.

This would include Alex Rodriguez. No matter how many championships he goes on to win or how many home runs he hits during the remainder of his career, he should never be allowed in the Hall.

McGwire received just a fraction of the percentage needed to be inducted this season, and it’s my guess that will only taper off.

Someday, perhaps there will be a Hall that could include Pete Rose, McGwire, Barry Bonds, Rodriguez and whoever else decides to come clean in the next few years.

But for now, keep the Hall clean. Because right now, it looks like that’s all that’s clean in baseball.