Anderson celebrates as Favre inks with Vikings

Tucked away in the upstairs of the Worthington Area YMCA is Josh Anderson’s office.

On the wall outside of his office is a picture of Brett Favre in his traditional No. 4. In this photo, Favre is wearing Minnesota purple.

This has been outside his office for months.

Inside, Anderson works on his computer, waiting for his next client.

Wednesday, the day after Favre officially signed with Minnesota, Anderson wears a No. 4 Vikings jersey.

On the back isn’t the name of third-string quarterback John David Booty. Instead, it says “Favre.”

That just came out Tuesday.

“I was wearing it around the house (Tuesday) night,” Anderson said. “(Wednesday) people have been asking me how it got it so quick. They couldn’t beielve that I had it already. I think a lot of them are on backorder."

How did the health and fitness director acquire what was virtually unobtainable before it hit the stores?

“It’s a secret,” he said.

At home, Anderson, who met Favre three years ago, has a large photo of Lambeau Field. Favre autographed this photo, saying, “Packer 4ever.”

Oh, how things have changed.

I first heard of the potential that Favre would sign Monday afternoon. It was Anderson, citing rumors that Favre was on the way to Minnesota.

Tuesday, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. By the time I woke up Tuesday morning, Favre was already in the air, setting course for the St. Paul airport.

From there, the last two days have been a whirlwind, and the effects have already been felt.

On an Associated Press story from Wednesday, the reports were that more than 3,000 season tickets were sold in the 24-hours after the Favre news broke.

In the same time, the Vikings have sold about 10,000 single-game tickets. Seats for the Green Bay game on Oct. 5 are only available through a season ticket.

Online, several hundred Favre jerseys were pre-ordered.

TV and radio stations can’t get enough of the Vikings and Favre.

Add it all up, and before Favre has taken a snap, it’s has to be viewed as a success. In money and exposure, Favre is already a hit.

Fans who have spent many years hating Favre as the rival quarterback of the Packers must now warm up and root for No. 4. For some, that might never happen. Obviously, a few have already accepted this. But for the naysayers, a few wins might cure all, so now the question remains, what will he do on the field?

The reports are that head coach Brad Childress plans to start Favre Friday night in the Vikings’ second preseason game against the Chiefs.

That will be the first test.

There has been no shortage of “experts” giving their opinion on how Minnesota will finish this season.

An AP story talked of how some thought the Vikings are Super Bowl contenders.

"Now we’re going to the Super Bowl," Anderson said.

I’ve also heard that Minnesota won’t make the playoffs.

I’m not sure where it fits into the mix. With Green Bay only getting better with Aaron Rodgers in his second year as a starter and Chicago acquiring Jay Cutler, the NFC North is a tough division.

But at what point will Favre be a success? There is no question in my mind that he is better than either of the quarterbacks the Vikings were looking at in the first preseason game. However, how far does Favre have to lead the Vikings for management, teammates and fans to consider the Favre experiment a success?

He did sign a two-year deal, so if things don’t work out this year, there’s always next. That is, if he doesn’t change his mind again.

But no matter what happens following this season, there won’t be any waiting for Anderson this time.

He already has the jersey.