Road construction causes headaches

Summer seems to mean only one thing for me these days: road construction.

Lately, Worthington seems to be in the thick of it.

With the Globe’s Links Fore Literacy golf tournament quickly approaching, Managing Editor Ryan McGaughey and I planned a Friday morning trip to Prairie View Golf Links for a practice round.

I had learned the day before that the bridge on Interstate 90 was under construction, closing my normal route to the course. Trying to avoid a headache, I looked up an alternate route the night before.

My plan was to head out of town on U.S. 59, and take the first gravel road heading back west.

However, I found out this road was closed as well, throwing my plans off.

As our anticipated tee time approached, I decided to try my luck on the Interstate, thinking I could possibly take a quick turn off to the north. That plan failed when I saw the fence which was preventing any sort of traffic heading north.

Forced to plan ‘C,’ I made a turn back toward Worthington, trying to find any way to get to the course.

I called Ryan, hoping for some guidance. He was headed north, almost to Reading before heading back toward the golf course. This was too far out of the way, and with only a minute or two before I was supposed to meet him, I didn’t have the time.

Luckily, on my way back into Worthington, I spotted a Prairie View sign. I followed it out north of town on a gravel road. Eventually, I found my way, but in the end, what should have been a short drive turned into a long debacle.

Once we finally met at the course, we registered and hit the Links. We both played pretty well, making me even more excited for Wednesday’s tournament.

I just hope by the time it rolls around, I can find my way to the Country Club.